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PFM Crowns and Bridges have been the mainstay of dental prosthetics for many, many years. A porcelain veneer fused to a metal shell provides a natural, tooth-like appearance, while the metal coping (crown) allows for strong compression and tensile strength. How well the porcelain is retained on the metal surface of the coping is dependent upon developing a good layer of oxidation where the porcelain and metal meet. B&B Dental Tech has a practical return rate of less than 1% for chipped or peeling porcelain. Our lab prides itself on superior attention to detail, and of course, all our restorations are guaranteed.

PFM Bridge Frame:

PFM completed eight-unit Bridge:

PFM anterior restoration:

PFM posterior restoration:

B&B Dental Tech only uses US sourced metal alloys. Unless otherwise instructed we use ARGEN precious and non-precious options. ARGEN is the leading US supplier of dental alloys and their materials allow B&B to provide a cost effective solution for all prosthetic applications.

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