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Digital Dentistry: Simplifying Your Workflow


Digital Dentistry has become the major technological achievement for dental labs across the world. New technologies provide innovative solutions to traditional dental problems. As a dentist, you want to perform dental treatment as efficiently as possible and provide your patients with successful aesthetic results. More of an explanation of process rather than a specific case, this article will discuss how digital dentistry can help reduce time and increase the productivity of your workflow.

Digital dentistry technologies provide high-quality care

Digital dentistry can be described as any dental technology or device that incorporates digital or computer-controlled components. There are a number of different digital dentistry technologies available. Common to all of them is that they provide more immediate and detailed information compared to traditional, technology. These new digital dentistry technologies allow an increasingly efficient collaboration between you, as a dental professional and our dental technicians. As the precision of the diagnosis increases, so too does the quality of dental care you can provide.

Digital Scanning


Computer-aided design and manufacturing of dentistry
One of the technologies in digital dentistry is CAD/CAM which involves computer-aided design and manufacturing of dental products. The technology allows you to create dental restorations fast, easy and more precisely. As a dentist, you do an intra-oral scanning of the patient’s teeth. You then send the digital file to your dental lab where the restoration is designed by the computer software and the information is sent to a milling machine that creates the prosthetic restoration.

Advantages of CAD/CAM restorations and intra-oral scanning
Digital dentistry brings many advantages. Providing the lab with a digital file instead of an actual impression minimizes the risk of errors as the digital file can be reviewed and revised over and over again, before the actual design and milling are made. The digital technology allows greater efficiently and complete control of the final result. The intra-oral scan file increases the possibility to obtain high precision restorations compared to using traditional impressions. Restorations after intra-oral scanning are fabricated via CAD/CAM, digital dentistry and allow a simplified workflow for the dental technician when producing the restoration for the dentist – a much faster and efficient way to work.

Reduce complexity and simplify the digital workflow
At B&B Dental Tech, we have extensive experience with product development and design of dental implants and instruments. With over 20 years of experience, our Lab combines the efficiency of digital Dentistry with the aesthetics of a skilled artisan.

Practical Application


Consider a dentist who takes a digital impression of a crown preparation on a patient who has a 10 a.m. appointment. If the dentist takes the digital impression at 11 a.m. and sends it to B&B, we receive the impression at approximately 11:05 a.m. We are able to start designing the crown immediately since it doesn’t have to be poured, pinned, sectioned, articulated, and scanned, as with a traditional impression. By 11:30 a.m., the design for the crown is finished and sent to a 3-D printer or a mill, based on the material the dentist has prescribed. If the material is IPS e.max or BruxZir, the crown be finished (theoretically, depending on workload) within a day and sent overnight to the dentist, who can (again, theoretically) seat the crown on the third day or fourth day after the prep. Jumping from two-week dentistry to “condensed timing” dentistry can be impractical for many of today’s practitioners. There are many Dentists that would not want to restructure their practices around such a quick turnaround.  Making the switch from two-week dentistry to five-day dentistry, however, is much less dramatic, as it’s simply a matter of getting involved at the level of digital impressions.

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