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B&B Dental Tech offers a variety of Ceramic, Lucite, and Fiberglass dental products.  From Bruxzir to Zirconia, we can produce extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing prosthetics.



  • Each completed design is inspected for quality before and after milling.
  • We mill only medical grade, isostatically pressed zirconia.
  • We maintain our mill and tools for high precision, micro fracture free restorations.

Zirconia Bridge


Zirconia bridges offer flexural strength equivalent to traditional porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations, but eliminates the gingival darkening some patients experience with non-precious or semi-precious PFMs. Since the zirconia is stained to the color of the patient’s tooth, exposed metal margins due to gingival recession are a thing of the past.

We design each bridge to maximize marginal integrity and enhance aesthetic quality. Our Zirconia bridges seat easily, maximize patient satisfaction, and generate referrals.

Once placed, zirconia bridges easily blend with the patient’s existing dentition through its ability to transmit the color of adjacent teeth. Our master ceramists can match the shade and character of any natural dentition and we excel at mimicking Mother Nature.

B&B FibreSmile  (Trinia)

Trinia Full Arch
FibreSmile Round House
Trinia Full Arch
FibreSmile, right side view
Trinia Full Arch
FibreSmile, left side view
Trinia Full Arch
FibreSmile, full frontal view 

B&B FibreSmile is composed of  lightweight composite of layered fiberglass and resin. Although FibreSmile is not a ceramic, it is equal to, if not surpassing, the aesthetic qualities of Dental Ceramics. B&B Dental Tech has received enormous positive feedback. Dentists are very satisfied with this material's chair control and easy adjustment. Patients are highly satisfied with its weight and the natural comfort once placed in the mouth. Trinia also demonstrates the same versatility as typical ceramics. As with all materials there are few contraindications. Specifically, FibreSmile is not recommended for patients with para-functional habits, such as bruxism.

E.Max Porcelain Crowns


What is E.MAX ?

E.Max is a lithium disilicate used when aesthetics are paramount to your case. It is also one of the most versatile restorative options available. Pressed E.Max simulates the opalescence, translucency and light diffusion properties of a natural tooth for ideal beauty and undetectable porcelain crowns.

Why  E.MAX ?

Consider its characteristics:
  • 400 MPa flexural strength in vivo wear rates comparable to normal enamel
  • Pressed to contour
  • Can layer enamel porcelains
  • Bondable and cementable
  • Stronger than Lucite reinforced
  • Natural variations of color and translucency

Considerations for Use:
  • Single esthetic crowns and some bridges
  • When translucency is desirable
  • Veneers
  • All options from temporary to permanent
  • Inlays & onlays
  • Crown over implant
  • IPS Empress Restorations


  IPS Empress is an all-porcelain crown system offering exceptional esthetics in addition to strength—both important considerations when it comes to all-ceramic systems. For more than 20 years, this pressed, ceramic system has continued to satisfy discerning users and patients all over the world with more than 25,000,000 placed restorations—testimony to their high quality and long-lasting success.

Utmost aesthetics
The Empress System is synonymous with top-of-the line esthetics for the restoration of dental defects. Empress continues to set decisive standards regarding not only esthetics, but function and processing as well. Additionally, Empress is distinguished by its natural appearance and high quality.  The material is processed using a press or CAD/CAM technology in the lab.

A balanced chameleon effect
Empress glass-ceramic is an extremely homogeneous, leucite-based material that scatters light naturally and provides a balanced chameleon effect. It is exceptional for its translucency and lifelike appearance. Empress also has an excellent strength value of 185 MPal.

Harmonious overall appearance
Single-tooth restorations such as veneers, inlays, onlays and crowns seamlessly blend in with the surrounding environment, but careful preparation is decisive for the accuracy of fit and durability. 

  • Highly aesthetic all-ceramic restorations
  • Natural-looking chameleon effect for optimum shade match with the natural tooth structure
  • Clinically proven leucite glass-ceramic with a flexural strength of 160 MPa
  • Indications
  • Veneers
  • Inlays, onlays
  • Anterior crowns

* Mean biaxial flexural strength, Source: R&D Ivoclar Vivadent, Schaan, Liechtenstein

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