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Full Cast Crowns

Full metal crowns are typically used for posterior restorations

Full Gold Crown Yellow High Noble:
IMG_1149 Full-cast-gold-bridge-1

A full cast dental gold crown is a single piece that is cast somewhat like gold jewelry. According to industry standards, the gold content of a precious metal cast alloy is between 55-60%. B&B Dental Tech uses Jensen's 56%, with palladium, platinum and trace semi precious metals completing the alloy. Why 56%?  Pure gold is much too soft to be durable, and our Technicians have found that 56% provides an ideal balance between durability, temperature transfer, and beauty. Simply put, the color is gorgeous.

Cast Metal Onlays

B&B Dental Tech also casts beautiful onlays that accentuate the beauty of the natural tooth.

Traditional Cast Post, Inserted and Displayed

Cast-Post CastpostD1
Precision, cast or milled, B&B Technicians cannot be beat!

Slotted Cast Post:

When a little support is required, don't just rest on the adjacent tooth, lean on B&B!

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