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Who We Are

We are a family-owned lab, and have been in business for over twenty years. We have serviced award-winning dentists throughout the state of New Jersey and New York. Our lab currently employs twelve Dental technicians and five Support personnel. Our technicians have experience ranging from five to over twenty-five years.

Aesthetics, quality, and function are the driving forces behind every restoration we create. We specialize in providing prosthetics for cosmetic, dental surgery, and all of our work is done in-house. With B&B Dental Tech, you can rest assured that your patients will receive the high-quality, cosmetic dental work they deserve.

B&B Dental Tech utilizes a wide range of laboratory products and services to meet the needs of a diverse patient population. From custom, implant abutments to cosmetic, ceramic veneers, we offer solutions to complement your clinical skills and education.

Additional products and services are available. If you don’t find what you are looking for on our website, please call or contact us today.

Made in USA


ALL of our products are manufactured in-house, right here in the USA. We NEVER outsource to any overseas location.

Why Choose B&B Dental Tech?

There are 7 reasons you should consider B&B Dental Tech:
  1. All the products we provide, featuring PFM, E.Max, Zirconia crowns/ bridges and flexible partial dentures are of exacting quality, and meticulously crafted.
  2. We refuse to provide any product until it has met the highest quality, industry standards.
  3. We never outsource. We have been doing business with Dentists in the New Jersey and New York area since 1998. All of our work is done in-house and in the United States.
  4. Located in Bogota, New Jersey, our family-owned Lab is equipped with 15 highly skilled and experienced technicians, several of whom have been working with Dental prosthetics for over 20 years. We are currently able to handle over 100 cases per day without sacrificing the high quality our customers have come to expect.
  5. All  materials used by B&B Dental Tech are manufactured in the United States, Europe, South Korea, or Japan. We never buy materials from sources that not been fully vetted by the United States Food and Drug Administration. (FDA)
    Send us a few cases! If we fail to meet or exceed your expectations, just drop us. However, if we provide that extra, artisan touch, that demanding, quality aesthetic discerning Dentists look for, B&B stands ready to provide long-term, quality for both you and your patients.
  6. We boast consistently high quality with better service at reasonable prices, and we only offer the best quality products. Our technicians are skillful and attentive, resulting in a superior seat/fit, margin, and occlusal contact, and reduced, re-do rate.
  7. Our Customer Service is second to none. We work very hard to establish a cooperative, interactive relationship. Communication helps both parties work better. And our lab managers control the quality of every case themselves.
  8. Attention to Detail. Unlike Dental Labs that provide low price outsourcing services, B&B refuses to sacrifice quality just to save a few pennies. We realize QUALITY is the best service we can offer.

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